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    2. AuthorScript® Storage SDK

      Available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, the AuthorScript Storage SDKs allow application developers and service providers to quickly integrate powerful capabilities for recording, copying, and archiving to recordable/rewritable BD, DVD, and CD media. Covering file structure creation and management, file reading and writing, device control, and output to either optical media or disc image, AuthorScript Storage is a full-featured solution ideal for both one-off and industrial-scale applications.

      AuthorScript Storage is provided as a set of C++ libraries that enable the functionality needed at each level for effective volume/file creation, management, and output:


      • open existing on-disc volumes
      • create new volumes
      • read file structure information (mount volume)
      • set volume format (ISO, UDF 1.02, UDF 2.0, etc.)
      • flush updated volume file structures to disc

      Entries and files:

      • create file structure entries (directories and files), including references to files from streams or stored on hard drive
      • read from and write to files
      • get entry information and get/set entry properties
      • delete entries


      • manage devices, including counting, selection, and settings
      • get device state and get/set properties of devices and media
      • copy from one drive to one or more others
      • copy from drives to disc images, and vice versa
      • burn volumes to devices containing recordable/rewritable BD, DVD, or CD media
      • execute commands such as media erasure and tray control

      Advanced features:

      • prepare output of higher-level logical formats (e.g. BDAV, BDMV, DVD-Video, CD-Audio) to hard drive as image formats, including DDP, CMF, ISO, and GI
      • create specification-compliant disc layouts with each element in its correct logical sector
      • utilize three available volume access modes, each tailored to different use scenarios: ReadOnly, Mastering, or RTTD
      • utilize all major write modes, including Session-at-Once (SAO or DAO), Track-at-Once (TAO), and Test Mode

      AuthorScript Storage SDKs offer the following key advantages over competing disc-burning solutions:


      • 24/7 uptime assurance (no machine lock ups)
      • device access protection shields operations in progress from outside interference


      • multiple threads on a single process allow concurrent burns to different devices
      • file system is cached, then flushed in one sequential write, avoiding incremental updates
      • native 32-bit and 64-bit binaries

      Real-Time To Disc (RTTD):

      • record direct to disc in real time (streaming)
      • write to a file without knowing total data size in advance

        Entry-based mastering:

      • write either complete directories or individual files
      • use callbacks to control timing and flow of data transfer

      File system control:

      • create and manipulate file system objects
      • easily migrate products based on standard file system calls

      Device support:

      • SilentSelect™ automatically supports new optical devices without ongoing application maintenance

      Multiple language support:

      • native C++ interface
      • managed .NET interface for C#, J#, and Visual Basic
      • Java interface

      Built-in diagnostics:

      • bus tracing and logging
      • API tracing and logging

      AuthorScript Storage offers comprehensive output media/format support, enabling retrieval/playback of recorded data across a wide variety of environments:

      • Output media - support for BD-R, BD-RE, DVD-R/+R, DVD-R DL/+R DL, DVD-RW/+RW, DVD-RAM, CD-R/RW, HD DVD-R and HD DVD-RW
      • File systems - read/write support for ISO, Joliet, and UDF volume formats
      • Portability - recorded discs deliver the same playback portability as factory-replicated discs, including platform-independent computer-hosted playback

      System Requirements

      Operating System

      • Windows - Vista (32- or 64-bit), XP (SP 2 or later, 32- or 64-bit), 2000 (SP 4)
      • Linux - Kernel 2.4.x or 2.6.x
      • Macintosh - OS X 10.3.9 or later, NOTE: Mac OS Classic not supported


      • Windows - 16MB for code space, 32MB for content buffering and data
      • Linux - 16MB for code space, 32MB for content buffering and data
      • Macintosh - 16MB for code space, 32MB for content buffering and data

      Disk Space

      • Windows - 10 MB for installation
      • Linux - 10 MB for installation
      • Macintosh - 10 MB for installation
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